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My konmari purse station: a guided tour

My konmari purse station: a guided tour

Some of my friends ask what a konmari purse station can look like, so here is a guided tour of mine, inspired by Marie Kondo.

I unpack my purse every night at this station. And I repack it during the day if I come home and then leave again.

I start by grabbing my purse. It is that woolen "wristlet" with the zipper smile ... yep, that's my purse. It is very sentimental to me. My mom sewed it from one of my sister's old coats. I am in my 50s and the purse makes a fantastic conversation piece; almost any girl under the age 25 comments that she loves it.

After I pick up my purse, I always pack my wallet (lower row in the middle).

Then I go clockwise around the tray, starting from the lower left corner. Imagine that as about 7 o'clock on a clock face. Those are rolled up plastic bags, so if I think I might shop, I pop a few of those in my wristlet.

The next stop is at 9 o'clock: hair bands. If it's any day except Tuesday, I usually wrap one hairband around my thumb so that I can use it on my own hair later in the day; if it is Tuesday, then I am going to tutor refugee kids and I toss 5-10 hairbands in my purse to give out to the girls with longer hair at homework club.

Moving on to the hypothetical 11 o'clock: earplugs. If I am going somewhere loud like a movie, I pack earplugs. At 1 o'clock on the purse tray, I have my calculator, so if I am going grocery shopping, I tuck that into my wristlet. (I use my phone for my shopping list, so carrying a calculator separate from my cell means I don't have to switch apps. I find that easier.)

The upper right corner has a bracelet and necklace that I rarely wear but it's here because when I do wear jewelry, the decision is made while I am packing up my purse. What you cannot see in the photo is that I have other less-frequently-used and more traditional purses in leather or cloth that I sometimes use if they go better with my outfit or if I am trying to make a good impression wherever I am going. Those other purses hang on a few hooks on the underside of one of my closet shelves.

In the lower right corner, I have two choices of my wedding ring: the gold band or the athletic silicon one. If I am working out or doing really messy tasks, I wear the pink silicon band. I also have a small mouthwash that I slip into my wristlet if I am having a meal out.

The first aid cream is Redmond clay and I do not take it out of the house, but having it here does remind me to put it on any chigger bites.

That takes us almost full circle to the watch and the sunglasses. If I am going out at night, I do not take the sunglasses. If I have lots of appointments, I wear the watch ... I like the ability to subtly know the time from my wristwatch by using my peripheral vision rather than having to pull out my phone in an obvious move to check the time.

Sounds like I stuff a lot into this little wristlet, doesn't it? I really don't. With mindful packing, I usually only have three or four items in there at one time. The great thing about the purse station is that I can have it all: a LIGHTWEIGHT purse that has EVERYTHING that I need.

This has been almost two years in the making, through trial and error.

Unpack the box. Unpack the weight.

Unpack the box. Unpack the weight.

Wait, WHAT?! You got rid of your journal, your yearbook, your letters?

Wait, WHAT?! You got rid of your journal, your yearbook, your letters?